We belong to the Cistercian Order of the strict Observance (OCSO) (www.ocso.org)
We are a contemplative Order of the Roman Catholic Church. We are also known as Trappists.
The OCSO is spread all over the world. There are (in 2013) 169 houses, 96 of Monks and 73 of nuns in the five continents.

There are two houses in India :

Kurisumala Ashram, Vagamon P.O 685 503 Kottayam District, Kerala
(Monastery of Monks. Syro Malankar rite. Diocese of Tiruvalla).

Ananda Matha Ashram, 673.123 Kunnambetta : Wayanad District. Kerala
(Latin rite. Diocese of Calicut)
Our Monastery of Ananda Matha Ashram, Kunnambetta, is a foundation, still in the process of autonomy.

The Founding house is the Abbey of Soleilmont, 622O Fleurus in Belgium.
The Father Immediate is the Abbot of Scourmont, 6464 Forges, Belgium.
Monks and Nuns have a single General Chapter.
The Abbot General of the Order is residing in Rome.
All Cistercian Monasteries are dedicated to Our Lady.
The Patronal Feast of the Order is on August 15th (Assumption of our Lady)

Our mother house Abbey of Soleilmont, Belgium.