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"Lectio Divina » is a latin expression that means « Divine Reading”.
Yet, it is much more than a spiritual reading.
It is a slow reading of the Bible, an experience of the “heart”, the sacred place, the deep intimate point present in every human being.
This reading is called divine : through it God gives us his living Word.
The goal of this slow reading is to give the word of God as food to our heart and intelligence.
Close your eyes … This may help you go down to the depth of your being. LISTEN.
Open the Bible or the Gospel, perhaps not anywhere, perhaps at a page you have already read one day, or a page given you by the Liturgy of the day.
Listen, as if it was the first time you read it, since it is always the first time.
Repeat the word to yourself several times. Memory leads to the Presence of God.
Treasure the Word in silence. It will speak to you.
If it doesn’t, do not force anything. Ask with faith the Spirit of God to help you understand.

For the ancient monks, Lectio Divina follows a course of four stages :

Lectio : Slow reading of the text (learning it by heart, by the heart…), study.
Meditatio : Pondering of the word, asking questions, reflection about what was read .
Oratio : Prayer to God asking Him the grace to put into practice, to be enlightened…
Contemplatio : Pure gift of God to the soul of a true seeker.

Each day, take a time of Lectio Divina as a very precious meeting with the Lord.
This experience of the Word of God will free you, it will nourish you, strengthen you. It will structure your personality, help you to find your true self, and above all, it will help you find the Lord present in you, loving, knocking at the door of your heart.