Rule of St Benedict

The Cistercian monks and nuns live according to the Rule of Saint Benedict.

The first word of the Rule is : “LISTEN…”

After 14 centuries, this Rule remains the spiritual guide to many Benedictine Orders and Congregations around the world, because of its capacity to be adapted to many situations and cultures, its balance between prayer and work, solitude and community, love for God and for one another.

In his rule, St Benedict describes a loving-God, in love with humankind, a tender Father who invites every person to listen ,to welcome this divine Light : “listen ,my son and incline the ear of your heart willingly, accept these instructions of a loving father” prologue v 1. Those who live under the rule of St Benedict are pilgrims, seekers of God paying attention to the voice of God who cries out : ”Who is the man who desires life and would like to see good days.” Prologue 15

The rule is a way of happiness and freedom under the guidance of the gospel. Live with Jesus who leads us to the Father and to our brothers and sisters .
With a deep sense of humanity, St Benedict shows the inner attitude that allows us to be truly faithful to the Gospel : humility. (Chapter 7).

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