“The community forms a single body in Christ. Each sister is to contribute to the upbuilding of relations within the community especially by sharing with others the spiritual gifts she has received by God's manifold grace”.
Constitution 14 of the OCSO

Community life brings great joy and strength- at the same time- of course it can also be more difficult because we have not chosen one another but God has chosen each of us to live together. Knowing oneself, recognizing one's qualities as well as one's errors and weaknesses is essential to lead a real fraternal life. If we know and recognize our own fragilities, we can better understand and put up with the others' weaknesses.Fraternal life requires great openness and a sympathetic ear to the others, real respect for them just as they are with their qualities and failings. The one is not the other. We all come from different backgrounds, education,culture but God puts us together to witness what Psalm 132 says:” It is good, it is sweet living together and being linked”. Community life as well as life in a couple, in a family or in a parish comprises joys and trouble-that is common fate in everyone's existence but it brings life so long as forgiveness and love prevail.

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